Aha, the site works. Wonderful. Not closed yet. Also good. Then I continue.
Yes, the site is really needed and here’s why. In our world and in our time, for some reason, human life is almost not valued, in contrast to, say, Soviet times.
Well, this is understandable, a good life is not enough for everyone, and the more people leave, the more benefits will go to the top.

And medicine also helps in this – constant kick-offs , paid doctors, and free doctors have constant queues until the evening, and there is a shortage of free doctors themselves.

This raises a question that is vital for all of us:

Are we going together and work together to help each other, or to trust wall on wall with a doctor specialists who your health care less?

I myself am an athlete ( kekushin ), after last year’s bronchopulmonary disease, asthma intensified. I went to the doctor, tyagomotina began – she does not immediately send to the pulmonologist, FGS tests are needed, it went well, this was necessary to confirm that I have asthma (although I was discharged from the hospital marked with asthma, rivers to the pulmonologist), then I come to her with confirmation from FGS (asthma), there is already a grandmother in her office, they say the doctor went to study somewhere for two weeks.

– Okay, – I say, – you send me to the pulmonologist. She: – I can’t, I’m not your doctor, I’m here for a while.  

Then I woke her up a little with my whistle in the bronchi.
– Now I will try to write you down.

Further more. She did not write me anywhere, of course, the Internet went out of order.

– But I will give you a bunch of test forms to
confirm that I have asthma and what it is.
– Here’s to you, for phlegm – this is on Wednesdays from 7 am to 7.30, and this is for blood from 7.15 to 7. 23 every even Thursday of the month (I’m exaggerating this, of course, but the general meaning is this). 

Got up, walked out from her. And I was no longer there. It was a year ago. Now I am jogging so that my heart rate does not go beyond 140. Once or twice a week I train in the dojo (karate hall), I cannot quit classes, this is part of my life. But sometimes there are attacks, sometimes not. If I put a heavy load on my heart, then the next day there will be an attack. Of the medicines, only Ventolin and Eufillin . Who if goes in for sports and suffers from this disease, write what you did so that it did not bother you