If a cough of an unknown, unreasonable origin appears, it is worth contacting a therapist or pulmonologist.

This often speaks of allergies, infections, diseases of internal organs. In this case, treatment should be started immediately.

The reasons

An unreasonable cough without other symptoms is rarely a sign of a cold. It is important for the doctor to know the nature of the cough in order to make a diagnosis.

Smokers have a specific cough. It occurs due to damage to the lungs, and can also indicate the appearance of cancer. Therefore, those who smoke should definitely take chest x-rays once a year so as not to miss the disease.

Also, passive smokers who are forced to breathe tobacco smoke are at risk of earning cancer. If you have a dry cough in the morning, you should seek help.

Residents of megalopolises can cough for no reason, but in fact this is simply explained by poor ecology, which can cause bronchitis, emphysema and other diseases.

When the lungs become inflamed, it becomes more difficult for a person to breathe, he spends more energy on it. Due to such loads, a cough appears.

High blood pressure medications can cause coughing because they often irritate the throat. In about five percent of patients who take ACE inhibitors, complaints of perspiration and cough are noticed.

Doctors claim that the drug prevents the breakdown of bradykinin, so the respiratory system becomes more vulnerable.

There is a so-called acid cough, which is a consequence of frequent heartburn. The muscles on the border of the stomach and esophagus begin to pass gastric juice between meals.

The acid eats away at the esophagus, causing coughing fits. It often appears when laughing or singing, because when the diaphragm is working, acid leaves the stomach more easily.

A dry cough, which often bothers you throughout the day and night, is a signal that bacteria are developing in the body. Moving down to the lungs, the cough becomes more moist because the bronchi begin to produce phlegm.

When the position of the body changes, sputum begins to move along the pathways, causing a cough. Therefore, often when recovering during the day, a person does not cough, and at night he cannot sleep for a long time.

First of all, in a coughing person, respiratory diseases, in particular, bronchitis and pneumonia, are excluded.

In patients with asthma, the cough is peculiar, harsh, it seems that the person is suffocating. The attack may begin in a stuffy room that is dusty or very humid. At the same time, it is very difficult for such a person to clear his throat; special drugs must be used.

Sometimes an unreasonable cough appears during stress. A person’s throat dries up, it becomes difficult for him to speak, and his throat may hurt. Moreover, in a calm atmosphere, the cough immediately disappears.


Only an unreasonable cough is not a sufficient symptom for a diagnosis, the doctor will ask the patient about other phenomena.

You can usually observe the following symptoms:

  • a temperature that does not disappear indicates an inflammatory process or oncology;
  • shortness of breath and blood in sputum, cough with pain in the sternum often occurs in smokers;
  • weight loss, heaviness in the chest when breathing, but clear sinuses indicate the presence of pulmonary tuberculosis;
  • in adolescents, breaking of the voice may be accompanied by hoarseness and coughing;
  • a childhood cold that is not treated by parents can turn into stenosis. The child begins to snore at night, and later becomes choking. It is necessary to treat quickly, because a fatal outcome is possible;
  • in hypertensive patients, cough tickles the throat, and can also cause vomiting;
  • heartburn as a cause of sour cough;
  • a person suffocates when coughing – a sign of asthma.


Since there are many variants of diseases, where there is an unreasonable cough, several diagnostic procedures must be carried out in order to understand what the doctor is dealing with.

Therefore, first, an anamnesis is taken, a history of life and illnesses is recorded, and other symptoms are described.

The doctor notes the frequency of cough, sounds, intensity. If barking sounds are heard, then this can signal the presence of a virus in the body. If there are no other terrible indications, then we can talk about the usual ARVI.

If there is blood in the sputum, shortness of breath and other alarming symptoms, blood tests are prescribed, a picture is taken, and sputum can be taken for examination.

In the case of a chronic cough, a person goes to the ENT and for a picture. In such cases, sputum can also be taken for analysis if it constantly bothers the patient.

When it comes to oncology, bronchoscopy is performed. You may need to consult an allergist or gastroenterologist.

In some situations, experimental treatment may be prescribed, which is adjusted if the person does not get better, because it often takes a long time to get an accurate diagnosis.

It is better to treat immediately, based on the most obvious things. After confirming the diagnosis, the course remains the same or changes.

The patient should not hide bad habits. This way the doctor will not waste any unnecessary tests.

The appearance and composition of the sputum is important. If she goes out during the day, the patient himself can assess her appearance and tell the specialist about it. If the sputum comes out, this is a good sign.

She often begins to move away in the morning. With an unproductive cough, the condition is assessed as more severe, and the person undergoes additional examinations.


If a person has a cold and suffers from severe bouts of coughing, then various expectorants can come to his aid. In some cases, vitamins, inhalations, various warming ups can help, which will help to overcome cough.

Sometimes traditional medicine is also effective, but it is better to talk about it with a doctor.

If the cough is caused by high blood pressure pills, you can ask for a change of medication, usually enough to forget about the symptom. If it was about drugs, then the cough will stop in about a week.

Heartburn cough is treated with a proper diet and moderate meals. You can not eat salty and spicy, fatty foods, you will have to give up alcohol and coffee. Do not gorge yourself at night, otherwise undigested food in a lying person will cause an influx of acid.

People with cancer or tuberculosis often have only one option – surgery.

It is worth paying special attention to the causeless cough of pregnant women. Frequent seizures can cause miscarriage or premature birth.


No one is immune from the disease, but in order to avoid an unreasonable cough, you need to:

  • quit smoking;
  • change your place of residence, if possible, to a less polluted city or area;
  • do not drink cold;
  • do not overcool;
  • with chronic diseases, constantly take medications and carry out the prescribed procedures;
  • try to be less nervous.

A cough, even for no apparent reason, should not be overlooked. It can be a sign of a medical condition that should not be triggered. If you pay attention to such manifestations, you can save the life of yourself or your loved ones.