Very often archive workers complain about difficult working conditions and low wages. At the same time, they are forced to spend the money received for “dusty” work on medicines. Dust mites, chemicals released from old documents, fine paper dust – these are just a few of the things archivists deal with on a daily basis. Therefore, they are more likely to get asthma. Doctors point out that working in such conditions is harmful to health. According to the employees of the archives themselves, many of them develop occupational diseases over time: frequent conjunctivitis, otitis, cough. Many archivists often earn allergic rhinitis and allergic bronchial asthma. Well, those who suffer from asthma complain that often all their small salary is spent on medicines.

Preferential medicines for asthma

Preferential medicines will disappear soon?

Cheap life-saving drugs are gradually disappearing from pharmacies. It all started a couple of years ago and continues. In general, some analysts predict that the production of vital drugs (VED) at affordable prices may stop in Russia. Reduced medicines will also disappear with them. The thing is that their production is recognized as unprofitable. The production of 197 items from the Vital and Essential Drug List has already been discontinued, another 160 items are under threat.
All these medicines cost less than 50 rubles, and most of the drugs have no analogues at a similar price. In 2016, the list was replenished with 43 medicines for the treatment of various diseases – oncology, stomach ulcers, diabetes, cerebral circulation and bronchial asthma. Currently, the Federal Antimonopoly Service and the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation are considering a way out of the situation than to replace cheap subsidized medicines.

Commentary: In general, life is getting better, life is becoming more fun. There is no money, but you hold on!