In the XX century, Academician ND Zelinsky proved the unique ability of badger fat to stop the reproduction of bacteria in the lungs. The research was continued by the biophysicist KS Trincher, who scientifically substantiated the treatment of pneumonia with badger fat. The discoveries of scientists did not find further development. In official medicine, drugs based on this fat do not exist, since in many countries hunting for badgers is prohibited, and research has become expensive. The opinions of doctors, hunters, healers about the benefits of folk remedies in the treatment of the respiratory system were divided. Although badger fat for pneumonia is recognized as useful, the properties and methods of its use are controversial.

Despite the controversy, residents all over the world consider the remedy to be curative and are successfully used for various diseases. In Russia, employees of the Research Institute of Hunting and Animal Breeding named after V.I. BM Zhitkova for many years collected information from different nationalities about the use of folk medicine. Scientists said they had figured out the secret of the effectiveness of treating pneumonia with badger fat.


Symptomatic therapy for pneumonia is aimed at eliminating the manifestations of the disease. Doctors consider the subcutaneous fat of the badger to be an addition to drug treatment for mild forms of the disease. A folk remedy is also taken in severe, protracted cases of pneumonia in adults and children.

The indications for the use of fat are:

  • hypothermia of the body;
  • hyperthermia of the body;
  • high temperature;
  • signs of intoxication caused by inflammatory processes in the lungs;
  • pain in the chest;
  • dry cough, changing after 3-5 days into a wet cough with sputum production;
  • wheezing when breathing;
  • shortness of breath of varying severity.

Indications for children are adjusted by the age of the child, the etiology of the disease, the spread of inflammation in the lungs. In babies under one year old, hyperthermia, rapid breathing rhythm, cyanosis of the fingertips, cyanotic coloration of the nasolabial triangle, and asymmetry of the chest during breathing are observed. For older children, the indications for the use of badger fat are the same as in adult patients. Ghee badger is recommended to use for colds, bronchitis, gastrointestinal diseases, pulmonary tuberculosis, thrombophlebitis and other diseases.


Correct use of therapeutic fat eliminates the occurrence of side effects. However, treating pneumonia with badger fat is contraindicated in the following cases:

Liver disease

  1. If you are allergic to certain components of a product of animal origin (rare).
  2. With liver diseases, pathologies of the pancreas.
  3. If there are problems with the gallbladder.
  4. It is not recommended to use the remedy during pregnancy without the consent of a doctor (the risk is not confirmed by clinical studies, it is theoretical).
  5. Babies under three years old are contraindicated to use a folk medicine inside.

Children’s phthisiatrician, doctor of the highest category G.V. Klimov (Moscow Scientific and Practical Center for the Fight against Tuberculosis) considers the subcutaneous fat of a badger to be a placebo, showing a therapeutic effect as a result of the patient’s self-hypnosis. The doctor warns that it is dangerous to buy a natural product from unknown hunters. Badgers can get sick with tuberculosis and rabies. In the 21st century, the subcutaneous fat of a badger is obtained only by hunters of small indigenous populations. The folk medicine was relegated to the category of exotic remedies, although until 2000 it was used by official medicine.

Counterfeits of goods diluted with other animal fats are indirect contraindications for use.

Beneficial features

Even many doctors consider the treatment of pneumonia with badger fat as a real way to improve the patient’s condition. The natural remedy, together with the preparations of traditional medicine, contributes to the rapid recovery of the patient. The beneficial properties are explained by the following quality characteristics:

  1. Badger fat is prized for its high content of unsaturated fatty acids, which have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.
  2. Omega acids help to improve the cellular nutrition of the lung tissue, preserving its structure and function.
  3. Amino acids liquefy and remove accumulated phlegm from the lungs.
  4. The ability of fat to regenerate lung tissue is used in the treatment of complex types of pneumonia.
  5. Organic acids endow fat with bactericidal properties that inhibit the growth of microorganisms.
  6. Vitamins of various groups strengthen the immune system, enhance the anti-inflammatory effect of fatty acids, and heal damaged lung tissue.

Effectiveness for pneumonia

The effectiveness of the treatment with badger fat has been evaluated in different ways by researchers and medical practitioners. Some support the popular wisdom that the focus of an infectious disease can be extinguished with the fat of a given animal, by taking it inside. Other doctors consider animal fat to be a good warming agent for coughing up coughs externally. The famous pediatrician E.O. Komarovsky asks to leave the badgers alone and not to hope that the fat of animals can raise the child’s immunity.

Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor of the Department of Game Management and Biology of Wild Animals of the All-Russian State Agricultural Academy V. I. Mashkin evaluates the effectiveness of badger fat in pneumonia differently. Observations of badgers during a long hibernation led the scientist to the conclusion: the subcutaneous fat of an animal is a way to sterilize the body from all microorganisms for the winter. Therefore, if you use the folk remedy correctly, you can save the lungs from inflammatory processes. It is believed that badger fat, obtained at the beginning of winter, has a strong antibacterial effect, no worse than antibiotics.

The healing effect of using animal fat for tuberculosis was proved 70 years ago by Academician ND Zelinsky. He discovered the property of fat to be oxidized in the lungs, described the mechanism of blocking the reproductive functions and destruction of Koch’s bacillus. Then the use of badger fat was scientifically proven, recognized as an effective method of treating inflammatory processes in the lungs.

Studies have shown that the effectiveness of the use of folk remedies for pneumonia is as follows:

Human lungs infected with viruses and bacteria

  1. The substance destroys pathogenic microflora in the lungs.
  2. It has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial effects.
  3. Nourishes the body with trace elements, vitamins, nutrients.
  4. Boosts immunity.
  5. Accelerates recovery.
  6. It is a natural warming agent.
  7. The effectiveness of the treatment is increased if you use the fat obtained in the early winter before the long hibernation of the badger.

How to use

Treatment of pneumonia with natural fat should be coordinated with doctors. In the chronic form of the disease, the remedy facilitates convulsive exhalation, restores the affected lung tissue, but does not replace drug therapy. External and internal use of badger fat is permissible. Inflammation of the lungs is stopped with warm compresses. It is helpful to rub a little fat on your chest and back at night. The heated area of ​​the body is covered with a woolen cloth and left until morning.

To remove accumulated phlegm, you need to drink warm milk mixed with one spoonful of fat. The drink can be replaced with tea or rosehip broth.

Children under 10 years old will need ½ tsp. folk medicine. A child is reluctant to be treated with fat. Therefore, it is advised to prepare a delicious medicine. To do this, you need to soften a bar of dark chocolate, add sugar and a folk remedy. With the help of cinnamon and vanilla, the characteristic smell of animal fat is removed. You can get rid of an unpleasant procedure if you buy badger fat in color capsules at the pharmacy. For maximum effect, you need to take the remedy on an empty stomach or before bedtime. The average duration of treatment is two weeks.

Experienced specialists in traditional methods of treatment recommend their own ways of using the product. They consider badger fat to be corrosive to the liver. It must be applied carefully. Therefore, for the treatment of bronchitis, they take a lump of sugar, apply two or three large drops of melted fat and slowly dissolve. The event is repeated three times a day.