A daily addition of one serving of steamed broccoli to the diet can help asthma sufferers, according to Australian researchers at the University of Melbourne. The thing is the high content of sulforaphane, which prevents the transmission of respiratory infections.     

Based on the study, scientists came to the conclusion that asthma patients who ate 1-2 servings of broccoli a day were less susceptible to respiratory infections that exacerbate asthma. Broccoli cabbage is rich not only in sulforaphane, known for its antibacterial properties, but also in vitamins A, C and vitamin B6, and also contains iron, calcium and dietary fiber. This is what makes broccoli an indispensable vegetable in the diet of asthmatics, say researchers at the University of Melbourne. In addition to broccoli, other vegetables from the cruciferous family also have a positive effect , such as white, Brussels, colored and                  Chinese cabbage.

“About one in 10 people in Australia suffers from asthma, and the percentage of patients is constantly growing, ” says one researcher, Dr. Tom Karagiannis . – Our goal was to understand, it is possible whether to facilitate the patient’s life not only with the help of medical treatment, but and for the account of a simple power change. ”