You probably want to know how to give disability in bronchial asthma?
My answer is:
asthma, its severity and disability have nothing in common . This opinion was formed from my personal experience and the experience of my friends.

– How so? – you ask
– Yes, that’s it!

Now in more detail: If you have at least ten times bronchial asthma and indications for disability, you will not see it until you pay. There are, of course, unique cases when a disability group is prescribed without a bribe. But only these people know what they had to experience and go through before. It is necessary to be very able to resist the impudence and rudeness of doctors, our “cultural” elite. 

Probably only two people do not know about the fact that disability is issued for money. These two have been in Valhalla since March 28. This is such a Norwegian viking paradise. They got there directly, during their lifetime, immediately after the transfer of the disputed shelves of the Barents Sea to Norway.

And then there are examples. Maybe someone will find something interesting for themselves.

A 30-year-old guy, had asthma since childhood, only about 20 times was in the hospital for various diseases, including several times for bronchial asthma.

With each visit, the doctor told him:
– You need to lie down, and then I will give you a referral to the commission

and after the hospital:
– I have no reason to send you for a medical and social examination

He tried to be indignant and all the rest, but to no avail. Once she even persuaded him to quit his job. she told him de harm, although it is not clear how it is it could be damaged. His workload there was small, though his salary was also not very good. And if he does not quit, then he himself is to blame for his asthma and no one will help him, and if he leaves, he will be urgently sent to the commission on disability.
Well, what to do, he had little choice. He quit … And what do you think happened next?
After the hospital, the doctor, without shame and conscience, reported that there was no data for a referral.
He is not a rich person, and therefore he is not used to giving bribes, and he simply cannot. Here are the things, there really is no data.
Even the allowance for the 3rd disability group was not assigned to him.
However, like me …

Second story.
The father of a little girl, suffocating from attacks of suffocation, heard the following words from the head nurse, who was distributing directions for the rounds:

– When you go around the doctors, then in each office you need to give 1 thousand rubles, otherwise nothing will shine for you.
Which is what the girl’s father did.

There were only about eight offices.
As you can see, even the registration of disability for a child is subject to adult laws.

If you have never had an allergy to anything, then they will definitely write to you in the card – allergic bronchial asthma. This is what doctors will write to you when making a round in a hospital or clinic. You will naturally be at a loss. If you say at the medical and social examination that you do not have any allergies, then you may be answered:

– you have written, and you do not even know what it is about, then you are not being treated.
Go get healed, period.

Here’s what you can do.
When they make such a diagnosis, or rather just write it quietly, but there is no trace of it, then you can ask an allergist (ask persistently, otherwise he himself will never, I emphasize, never talk about it himself, even though he will write ) to make you samples reactions to allergens. As a rule, these incisions are small . They are sometimes made in different ways and you may not need them, but you will need to say something at the medical and social examination.  

An acquaintance of mine came to the medical expert commission on disability, bronchial asthma of moderate severity . Naturally , he never had any allergies, but they persistently wrote to him everywhere. My friend did not do an allergy test, because he simply did not need them, and no one offered them.

on the medical and social examination after hearing the question:
– what are you allergic to?

with an unperturbed air, he replied:
– the climate

The doctors on the commission had a slight shock. How to refuse him is unclear and how to motivate him too. Then he was simply asked to bypass all the doctors in the commission. For some reason, each doctor told him how athletes and politicians suffer from asthma and how they are treated. They told them as if they knew this for sure and as if they themselves were treating them.
And then they asked to sit and wait, they let everyone else through, after an hour and a half of waiting they uttered a banal phrase in a trite and arrogant way:

– You have no data for assigning a disability group. Change the climate.

To the question
– How can I change it?

– You can appeal our decision in the regional medical and social expertise.

And then, at the regional medical and social examination it was as always. The doctors did not let the doctors down …

At the medical and social examination itself, they like to ask different questions.
Do not try to say somewhere on the commission that you once drank an aspirin tablet without a doctor’s prescription. It will cost you an extra amount of money, or even a disability group. I don’t think you need it. Of course, I express myself figuratively, but this is how it is.
The same goes for smoking. It is better to remain silent about this. This is for those who are tight with money. For those who are good, they can talk. Even come to the medical commission on disability with a cigar in his mouth.

I recall the case of one “disabled person” after some revelry, to put it mildly, came drunk. And what do you think? The second group of disability without problems and practically without examination.

Sports activities also go there.

– Once you played sports, it means you hurt yourself, – this is the logic of the doctors.

It’s not entirely clear how he hurt and how, but it’s not important, it’s important to find a clue.

Do not even think about saying that you have tried traditional methods of treatment. By the way, they are used by everyone, including doctors.

If you say that you have worked at an enterprise with harmful environments for a long time and assume that this is from there, then get ready to be sent to an additional commission, possibly to another city. Naturally, this is all at your expense. I have no complete information about what this commission decides. It is also impossible to judge whether it is useful or harmful. And how after it they give disability I also do not know. Although, if you worked at a state-owned enterprise, then perhaps something shines for you, but not a fact, but if it is a private one , then most likely this enterprise will have problems later. That’s all. Probably, for some kind of tick, this commission is still needed.

Another point, if you have ever called an ambulance, it would be good to ask the doctor for an ambulance paper confirming the call. They are obliged to give it without demand, but they do not do it. And this paper in the card will not hurt you. For some reason, doctors hate her very much. Obviously she influences something.

What do the doctors on the commission dislike most of all?
They love money, but they do not like your fair attitude towards them … And a fair attitude is such that you do not live at their expense, but they for yours and still give healthy foreheads a disability, while a sick person is forced to work being in poor condition or look for a livelihood.
And if some day this scum of the Commission are missing out on a gold chain, then they are ready for it to extort money from anyone.

The article turned out to be a little on the nerves, well, nothing.