Recently, the first application programming interface (API) was released so that anyone with asthma can use it to get useful information for their health status. The service is open and free to use.
A machine learning model was prepared based on a large amount of anonymized data, including where and when people experience asthma symptoms, the state of the environment at that time, to predict their potential impact on well-being. This allows people and organizations to use their local asthma health indicators to improve the health of people with chronic respiratory disease.
The members of the team that created the project are passionate about health, technology and inventions. They are interested in helping patients with respiratory diseases and those who care for them deal with the problems that arise. The tools created during the last hackathon (developers’ forum during which specialists from different areas of software development (programmers, designers, managers) work together to solve a problem), in which the creators took part, demonstrate some of the potential applications in within this project. They range from email or text subscription to integration with popular services. Each app notifies people about the state of the asthma environment in their area.
The team recently released a set of services aimed at a wider audience with asthma. With the new infrastructure, people will be able to use the project’s analytics, which draw on the largest database of respiratory drug use, environmental impacts and conditions. This summer, the company introduced a new app model that uses machine learning to create personalized asthma predictions. In the coming months, the company will continue to release additional tools for its applications. In 2010, the company decided to modernize respiratory medicine, empower people to minimize the impact of asthma and COPD on their daily lives, and connect them to their doctors, environment, and community. With connected inhalers, digital interfaces and personalized real-time views, participants receive personalized guidance and advice at all times.