Inflammation of the lungs is an infectious disease that is provoked by various bacteria and pathogenic microorganisms. After a medical diagnosis, doctors often prescribe antibiotics. Folk remedies for pneumonia are used in combination with the main treatment. They improve the condition of a sick person and strengthen the body’s defenses.

The effectiveness of alternative treatment for pneumonia

Symptoms of the disease are expressed in a rapid rise in body temperature, cough, pain in the chest, fatigue, and shortness of breath. Focal pneumonia is localized in a specific area of ​​the lung tissue.

Symptomatic signs:

  • intense fever;
  • migraine;
  • intense pain in the chest;
  • increased sweating;
  • shortness of breath and dry cough.

The most dangerous form of the disease is bilateral pneumonia. It can be triggered by viral, bacterial, fungal infections and it is very difficult to cure it with herbs alone. This requires potent drugs. The danger of the inflammatory process lies in the formation of atypical cells that can provoke the development of a cancerous tumor.

Persons over 60 years of age are prone to congestive pneumonia. Treatment of the disease in such people is complicated by concomitant diseases that make it impossible to use the necessary drugs.

In traditional medicine, injections and pills are prescribed to treat pneumonia. There are also many ways of unconventional remedies. Decoctions and tinctures of medicinal plants, compresses, rubbing and inhalations help relieve inflammation and swelling, eliminate cough.

Folk remedies for pneumonia have been tested by many years of experience. Medicinal herbs are effective in restoring the body’s defenses. They soften cough, improve secretion, lower fever, and accelerate recovery. In each case, treatment methods are selected depending on the complexity of the disease.

The correct combination of the main therapy with medicinal herbs gives good results. Folk recipes have effective actions:

  • anti-inflammatory;
  • antiallergenic;
  • vasodilators;
  • analgesic;
  • antibacterial;
  • softening and coughing up.

It must be remembered that folk remedies are an additional method of treatment, not the main one. Severe, bedridden patients need to adhere to traditional methods of treatment, adhere to bed rest, consume more fluids, and the diet should consist of high-calorie foods, vegetables and fruits.

Recommended herbs

Most medicinal plants act in several ways:

  1. Maralnik shoots, thyme, cetraria root, coltsfoot leaf help to quickly destroy pathogenic microorganisms, reduce inflammation, and have an expectorant effect.
  2. Salvia brilliant works in a similar way, but it provokes a dry cough. Therefore, it is mainly used at the initial stage of the disease.
  3. Melilotus officinalis softens the lung tissue.
  4. The root of marshmallow, licorice, angelica, plantain leaf and flax seeds form a slimy consistency in broths. Relieves cough and helps with bronchospasm.
  5. Blackroot, comfrey, common bruise are good remedies even in the treatment of lung cancer. However, it is important to know that herbs are toxic, the rate and method of application must be agreed with your doctor.
  6. A special place is given to knotweed, lungwort, which in Latin is called Pulmonaria, which means “pulmonary” in translation. They reduce puffiness and have a diuretic effect, activate the immune system, which helps well with a therapeutic course.
  7. In the treatment of pneumonia, folk remedies of the same property are also used. For example, a strong expectorant action: thermopsis leaf, string. Clefthoof is used for prolonged coughing fits, but the herb is poisonous and can be dangerous in large doses.
  8. A yellow macula due to glaucine has a similar healing property. Medicinal herb is included in the well-known drug Bronholitin.
  9. It is also important to drink drinks rich in vitamin C. For example, cranberry or lingonberry juice, a decoction of rose hips, mountain ash or viburnum.
  10.                    Diuretic herbs horsetail and wheatgrass ensure the removal of excess fluid and toxic substances from the body.

Other means

Garlic is a powerful antibacterial folk remedy in the treatment of many infectious diseases with weakened immunity. The phytoncides included in its composition perfectly cleanse the respiratory system. It is taken not only orally, but also compresses.

Broth in milk

Mix a glass of oats and a head of peeled garlic, pour 2 liters of milk. The product should simmer in the oven for 2 hours. Recommended reception warmed up at night.


Add 0.5 kg of goose fat to 100 g of minced garlic. Soak the medicine in steam for a quarter of an hour. Apply to the chest in the form of a compress, cover with woolen material on top.


Grind 250 g of garlic, put in a 3 l glass jar, cover with a lid. When the vegetable starts up the juice, pour 0.9 liters of Cahors wine and keep the composition for 14 days. Filter the resulting product through cheesecloth and drink.

You can treat a purulent inflammatory process with a recipe for another tincture: chop 10 garlic heads and pour 1 liter of vodka. Withstand the medicine for 8 days. You need to be treated for at least 7 days.

A decoction of milk with onions is a wonderful folk remedy for pneumonia. For it, you need to cook 2 medium heads of vegetables in 300 ml of milk for 5 minutes. Withstand the composition for 4 hours, filter. Carry out a reception for 1 tbsp. l. every 3 hours.

For inhalation, onion juice is used, which is impregnated with gauze and breathed for 10 minutes a day.

Means with honey

Recipe number 1.

For adults, a balm is prepared at home. You need to take:

  • 200 g of aloe;
  • 500 ml of red wine;
  • a glass of bee honey.

Combine the ingredients and keep the composition for 14 days. Consume 2 tbsp. l. 4 times a day.

Recipe number 2.

A folk remedy based on chicken eggs is used to treat adults.


  • 10 lemons;
  • 6 chicken eggs;
  • a jar of bee honey;
  • 180 g of brandy.

Put eggs in a glass container, pour the juice of squeezed lemons. Cover the jar with gauze, wrap with a dark cloth and put in a warm place. Keep the composition until the shell breaks. Heat a little honey, let it cool and add the egg composition. The medicine is recommended for 1 tsp. three times a day after meals.

To improve the secretion of phlegm, take plantain juice with honey. Reception is carried out 4 times a day for 1 tbsp. l.

Means for the treatment of children, pregnant women

For the treatment of children, the best solution is the agave and bee honey. Grind an aloe leaf, put 300 g of honey and pour half a glass of liquid. Cook the composition for 2 hours. Give the child 1 tsp. twice a day.

For a long time, bear fat has been used in the treatment of the respiratory system, both internally and externally. For small children and adolescents 0.5 tsp. the funds are diluted in a glass of warm milk.

Pregnant women should exercise caution in the treatment of medications, as their negative effect can negatively affect the health of the unborn child. Therefore, many folk remedies serve as their main form of therapy.

The safest treatments are:

  1. Take in the same dose the root of marshmallow, brilliant salvia, licorice, pine cones, anise. Heat water to a boil and pour over the mixed ingredients. Recommended intake for 7 days, 60 ml every 3 hours.
  2. 4 tbsp. l. Pour 500 ml of hot water over the needles, let it brew for three days. The recommended intake is 3 tbsp. l. 5 times a day.

Popular recipes

Some people are prone to frequent pneumonia, which triggers the development of chronic disease. This is a sign of weak immunity. They should have their respiratory system checked, x-rays and tests every year. For such patients, in order to prevent it, it is necessary to take Rhodiola rosea, Eleutherococcus, Pallas spurge, Leuzea.

The recipe for the tincture: to 5 g of milkweed rhizome, pour 200 ml of vodka and keep in a dark place for 10 days. The tincture can be added to other medicinal decoctions. Duration of admission is up to three weeks.

Infusion of sage, lungwort, centaury and wormwood serves as an additional method of therapy. Mix the same rate of herbs and 1 tbsp. l. composition, pour 200-250 ml of hot liquid. Take in the dosage indicated by your doctor.

Pneumonia is a serious illness that can be fatal. Therefore, the treatment should be treated responsibly, using the means of official and alternative medicine.