I really want to help people get rid of asthma. I did it. I am 52 years old, of which 20 years have been spent fighting asthma. I am a doctor by training, so traditional medicine was immediately excluded, following which you end up with disability. I followed the path of fasting and urine therapy, this path is not easy, but I achieved a good result, asthma receded, adhered to a certain diet, but … I did not find the cause of the disease … diet helps the body, but something else is needed. And I began to search the Internet, hoping to find kind people who will help. And I came across the book of Fereydon Batmanghelidj “Your body asks for water” and became interested in his theory. He believes that asthma is a pronounced symptom of chronic dehydration, you need to drink enough water 8-10 glasses of water and eat half a teaspoon of salt, that is, drink a glass of water and put some salt on the tip of your tongue. I started treatment right away. The next day I could sleep lying down.

My results in a week:
breathing is soft, there is no trace of asthma symptoms , I lost 4 kilograms, flexibility in my whole body appeared, the body is light. It is such a happiness to have free breathing, and even the rhinitis is gone, the nose is dry, and before I washed it with salt water. I continue to drink enough water and salt and feel that my body is still working to get things back to normal. Asthma is not a disease, the body is asking for water! Read the book and take action! After all, you will not lose anything, only asthma, without which life is much better. With love to all those who still suffer from asthma.

Ps you can type in the search: read the book of Dr. Batmanghelidj Fereydun online and start reading immediately, and whoever is especially impatient, he can immediately find the place in the book where asthma is directly discussed.