Bronchial asthma is a serious and dangerous disease. This ailment is expressed in a chronic inflammatory process that affects the respiratory tract. According to official data, due to the disastrous state of the environment, this disease is present in almost half of preschool children. And only a third of young patients have real chances to get rid of the disease as they grow older, in other words, “outgrow” asthma.

Unfortunately, adult statistics are less comforting. Three quarters of all patients suffering from this disease are young women.

Causes of bronchial asthma

The causes of this ailment are many, but if we discard random factors and focus on the main causes, then there are only four of them:

  1. Hereditary predisposition. The genetic factor in this case is a strong argument, because 80% of women in labor with asthma pass this problem on to their children almost always;
  2. Feature of the profession. If a person works in a harmful enterprise, where he has to breathe biological, toxic or mineral dust every day, the probability of having asthma increases three times. And mostly women are at risk, since their immune system is much weaker in resisting such an aggressive effect;
  3. The state of ecology. According to unofficial data, the majority of patients diagnosed with bronchial asthma live in areas with poor ecology, in large cities or near existing industrial enterprises;  
  4. Predisposition to allergies. In most cases, asthma can cause a banal seasonal allergy. But if such a classic problem is observed only by season, then bronchial asthma can torment a person all year round or even several years until complete recovery.  

Asthma symptoms

In all people, bronchial asthma makes itself felt in different ways. The main symptoms of bronchial asthma can be expressed:  

  • difficulty breathing;
  • coughing
  • shortness of breath
  • a feeling of heaviness in the chest;
  • sharp bouts of suffocation.

In particularly difficult cases, difficulty speaking and blurred consciousness may also be observed.

Bronchial asthma treatment

Effective treatment of bronchial asthma in both women and men will depend primarily on the condition of the patient, as well as on what factors caused the disease. In any case, this disease requires careful treatment, because even in moments of severe exacerbations a fatal outcome is possible. Specially selected by the doctor therapy can stop asthma at the initial stage of the disease, which in turn will not only facilitate the course of the disease, but also help to get rid of it faster and easier.