Asthma and alcohol how to treat it?

Differently. It depends on what kind of asthma and what kind of alcohol and what it is for.
Alcohol can be used for treatment, or for banal drinking. The approach is different. I do not want this article to serve as an excuse for those who abuse alcohol. She’s not for them. These people will just look for a loophole to drink.

Very often I have heard recipes from asthmatics and from healthy people about the use of alcohol. Most of them are outright lime trees. It can be advised either by those who are not familiar with these diseases, or by those who have used it once and seem to have helped. Sort of. 

Recipes using alcohol can be both for the common cold and for bronchial asthma.

The most frequently heard recipe for colds, and it is the most ineffective and also the most pleasant-sounding one, is to take warmed wine with honey for colds. Sounds great. But those who tried this recipe with a temperature, with a cough, etc. knows what he is worth and immediately after that they stop advertising him. Not to mention applying on yourself again.
As options add aloe to wine, etc.

Another recipe I heard in the hospital from an asthmatic:

– Take a good moonshine, clean, 50 degrees and try to get drunk well, then when you sober up – again again.

According to him, he tried, but for some reason, after a while, everything returned. Wants to try again. I don’t know how it all ended, but how could he not become an alcoholic, and even with asthma …

I no longer comment on this recipe for those who have severe asthma, where a mixture of alcohol with inhalers is an unacceptable thing.

Once I learned a recipe using vodka and sunflower oil, tested by one of my friends.

The essence of the method is quite simple. Take pure vodka without impurities and necessarily 40 degrees and not refined sunflower oil. The oil should be just sunflower and not refined. The smell does not really matter.
Vodka and oil are combined in equal parts from 15 to 25 grams each. This whole mixture is shaken to a white-looking solution and drunk 20 minutes before meals.
The procedure is performed 2 or 3 times a day, according to your choice. The choice should be made at the beginning and continue along this rhythm.
You need to take strictly at certain intervals of the day. Increasing or decreasing these intervals is by no means allowed.

These intervals are: 10 (5), 10 (5), 10 (14)

The first number is the intake of the mixture in days, the second (numbers in brackets) is the break between doses, also in days.

What were the results?
And the results were as follows: at first my friend began to have some complications, heavy addiction, etc., but then he got involved and somehow it happened that he spent 8 months without hormones and without colds, which he often suffered from … Then he dropped it all. Either the problems started with the gastrointestinal tract, or something else, but he left this business. At the same time, he did not drink at all and did not become addicted. There was not even a hint. After a while, everything came back again.
He says he shouldn’t have quit, maybe that’s what happened, but problems either with the gastrointestinal tract or with the liver scared him.
He found this recipe in some book. I don’t remember the author now.

The topic of treating asthma with alcohol, I think, does not end with this article. What works for one person can be harmful for another. But my personal experience shows that asthma and alcohol are practically incompatible.