I went through all the circles of hell until I got free medicines. The trick of the doctors in this case was that the diagnosis had just been made, and in order to receive drugs for free, you have to wait until they put me on the register to receive free drugs, and this takes 2-3 weeks. But, given that everything happens at the end of the year (I went to the clinic on December 14), then I will have to wait a month. And only after my name appears in the register, it will be possible to receive the medicine. According to another version, everything was even worse. The therapist said that in general, that free medicine should be ordered six months in advance, so that the city (region) could allocate money from the budget for me. That is, in other words, I have to either buy medicines for six months at my own expense or…. sorry, foresee half a year. that I’ll get sick, convince the doctors of this and … in general, complete nonsense. I went the other way. I came to the therapist, listened to all her versions (I described them above) and said that I cannot wait, I feel bad. and I simply do not have money to buy myself. She said that if they cannot resolve the issue in the polyclinic, then give me a certificate that you cannot provide me with the free dispensing of the medicine, indicate the reasons (among them were the absence of an entry in the register, not the receipt of medicines in the pharmacy of the polyclinic) and I will help further: to the insurance company, to the administration, to the region I will write .. In general. My words had an effect and the head of the clinic said that it is possible to write a prescription before entering it into the register. Manually. How it should be done in such cases. In general, after spending exactly 7 days in the clinic. I still managed to give me the cherished boxes. But the pharmacist’s face had to be seen! Through the lip, with such an air that she bought these medicines at her own expense … yes on my side! the main thing – got it.