A disease such as asthma can cause enormous discomfort to a person, so asthma must be treated and it is advisable to do this with the help of professional treatment in a good clinic. However, in addition to the main treatment, you can still treat the disease with the help of traditional medicine, thus, it will be possible to quickly get rid of such an unpleasant disease. Folk recipes are simple to use and prepare, so you should not be afraid of such treatment.

How to treat asthma with folk remedies:

During an attack, it is necessary to do special breathing exercises, in order to learn how to properly perform such breathing exercises, you should download special video lessons. It is also very important to maintain complete calm during an attack, since panic can only aggravate a person’s condition.

You can improve your condition with the help of a special tincture of medicinal plants. To do this, you need chopped aloe, several petals, potato juice about fifty grams, juice from black radish only sixty grams and about one large spoonful of healthy honey. All these components must be mixed and filled with exactly one faceted glass of good vodka, after that you need to put the tincture in a secluded and preferably dark place for about two or even three days. When the tincture is ready, you need to use it about one or two large spoons three times a day. If a person is allergic to honey, he can safely replace it with ordinary sugar.

With the help of healthy oregano, you can also significantly alleviate your condition, a special decoction is prepared from this healthy plant. To prepare a medicinal product from oregano, you need to take exactly two small tablespoons of chopped grass and pour it in two small circles of boiling water. You need to insist this medicine from oregano only thirty-five minutes, then it is advisable to strain it. You need to take the medicine eighty grams exactly three times a day. In no case should such a medicine be used during pregnancy, and treatment with such a folk remedy should not last more than eight days. Then it will be possible to repeat the treatment, but only after fifteen days.

Simple medicinal oats also help in the treatment of asthma, for this you need to take exactly a pound of oats and carefully sort it out, as well as peel it off. Next, the oats must be washed well, preferably with boiled water. Then you need to pour about two liters of fresh milk and exactly half a liter of boiled water into the pan, then bring this liquid milk mass to a boil and add pure oats there. Boil the product in milk liquid for at least two hours, you still need to add a couple of tablespoons of honey. The medicine should be taken about fifty grams three times a day before meals or after eating.

You can also prepare a special alcohol tincture from medicinal oats, for this you will have to grind a whole kilogram of oats and pour it with exactly two liters of boiling water. After this, the medicine still needs to be boiled for fifteen or twenty minutes. When the infusion cools, it is necessary to strain it and add exactly one hundred grams of juice of a healthy aloe flower to it, it is also necessary to add exactly the same grams of good vodka or cognac. A useful tincture must stand for exactly one day then you can take it in two large spoons three times a day, it is advisable to do this after eating.

Ginger also helps in the treatment of asthma; for this, a special decoction can be prepared from this medicinal product. You need to take the dried root of a useful plant and grate it. After that, the root must be poured with two glasses of cold water, then the product must be heated over low heat for about twenty minutes. Next, the product must be poured into a thermos and removed to a warm place for about a couple of hours. You need to use such a medicine only when heated, one glass of the medicine should be divided into three uses, ginger infusion should be consumed only after meals.