Bronchitis and asthma are inflammatory processes that extend primarily to the bronchi. They differ in the following points:

  • The nature of the disease. Bronchitis in most cases occurs when an infection enters the body, while asthma is caused by allergic factors.
  • Cough with illness. Bronchial asthma is accompanied by a dry cough. With bronchitis, a dry non-productive cough is present only at the initial stage of the disease, subsequently turning into a wet cough with expectoration of sputum.  
  • Course of the disease. The acute phase of bronchitis lasts 2-3 weeks, then only the cough remains. With asthma, attacks occur with different durations, after which the patient’s well-being is fully restored.
  • The presence of shortness of breath. For bronchitis, dyspnea is characteristic only with the obstructive form, while in asthma this is the main symptom of the disease, which manifests itself with each attack.
  • Temperature. With bronchitis, the temperature can be increased, for asthma, the temperature reaction is not characteristic.

Asthma can be a consequence of bronchitis, in turn, bronchitis can manifest itself as a complication in a patient with asthma.

Treatment of bronchitis and asthma

Chronic bronchitis, asthma – diseases that require a different approach to treatment. In chronic bronchitis during an exacerbation, as well as in the acute form of bronchitis, the treatment of the disease is determined by the cause of its appearance and the symptomatic picture. The treatment regimen includes drugs that relieve coughing and promote sputum discharge. If bronchitis is caused by bacteria, antibiotics are prescribed . With a significant increase in temperature, bed rest and antipyretic drugs are recommended. 

Asthma treatment requires attention to eliminate the effects of triggering factors: house dust, animal hair, plant pollen, and various chemicals. In case of sudden attacks, it is necessary to use drugs, in particular glucocorticosteroids, which are used in the form of inhalers. Only a doctor should prescribe them on the basis of examination data. For patients with asthma, a diet is recommended , in which allergens and fried foods are excluded from the menu, and the main food is soups, cereals, fruit and vegetable salads, chicken and rabbit meat.