Cardiac asthma differs from bronchial asthma in a more complex course of the disease, as well as dangerous and severe symptoms. During an attack, the patient feels not only shortness of breath, but also panic, as well as pain in the heart. Almost all symptoms of bronchial asthma are similar, but in no case should these symptoms be confused.  

An acute attack can last from a few minutes to several hours, with varying symptoms. At risk are people whose professional activities are associated with intense and constant physical exertion, work in hazardous enterprises, and the same at-risk group includes almost all people over 60 years of age.

The peculiarity of this ailment is that it is not an independent disease, that is, it does not develop on its own. Cardiac asthma can occur against a background of heart disease or heart attack. Almost all the symptoms of the disease directly depend on the factor of its appearance, as well as on the age and general health of the person.    

Like bronchial asthma, a heart problem can immediately manifest as suffocation. It is impossible to confuse two completely different pathologies.

Cardiac Asthma Treatment

Cardiac asthma is a complex and dangerous disease, in special neglected cases death is possible. Aggressive attacks of suffocation can be accompanied by severe pain in the heart. The heart muscle receives a tremendous load and can not withstand.

Effective medication for cardiac asthma, as well as treatment of bronchial asthma, it is better to start when the first symptoms appear. Basically, measures will come down to reducing or neutralizing the cause of the ailment, that is, anti-stress drugs, drugs to regulate heart function and medicines to prevent (or remove) pulmonary edema will be used.

Self-treatment of the results will not bring, this is just the case when you can not do without the help of doctors. If symptoms of cardiac asthma manifest themselves, you must immediately call for emergency medical care. There are a number of rules, observing which you can alleviate the suffering of the patient before the arrival of doctors.  

Cardiac asthma attack

Proper and first aid for cardiac asthma should be performed immediately. It is important to help the patient to take the most comfortable position – half-sitting. Putting on the back or on the side of the patient is strictly prohibited, this will not bring relief, but will only strengthen the symptoms.  

In no case should you give the patient those drugs whose effectiveness you are not sure about. You can only put a small tablet of nitroglycerin under the patient’s tongue or apply classic validol.