Take a breath from asthma! scientists advise

We all do it – a long, deep breath, known as a “sigh” to express sadness, relief, or tiredness. It turns out that such sighs are important for lung function. Recently, scientists from America have identified the brain cells responsible for them.
On average, a person breathes every 5 minutes and about 12 times per hour. This is necessary for the lungs to function properly. When you take a deep breath, the alveoli of the lungs “swell up” – tiny sacs that promote gas exchange between the lungs and blood flow. When the alveoli collapse, this lung function is compromised. Then a sigh comes to the rescue, which straightens the collapsed alveoli and brings twice as much air as with normal breathing. The researchers found about 200 neurons in the brainstem that control breathing. This information could one day help people who have difficulty breathing and those with asthma. Summary: a deep breath is useful for asthma, and not holding the breath, as Buteyko once advised!

asthma from ozone

Bronchial asthma does not like air saturated with ozone?

Everyone knows the special aroma of air filled with ozone, which instantly transfers our thoughts to a summer thunderstorm. Many have heard about the ozone layer – a protective barrier that protects the planet from the effects of dangerous ultraviolet radiation. But not everyone knows that ozone is safe only in small concentrations, and its excess can cause various health problems, including respiratory disorders, decreased immunity and bronchial asthma.
Scientists from Moscow examined the air of the capital and its immediate environs for an excess of ozone concentration in it. The results of the work are surprising: as the distance from the Moscow Ring Road increases, the content of this gas in the air only increases. The farthest point of the study was Zvenigorod, where the probability of exceeding the maximum permissible ozone concentration is 3 times higher. And in areas located inside the ring road, the instruments showed the lowest level of ozone. It turns out that it is better for people who have bronchial asthma to live near the ring road? Nonsense, something!