Inhalation of dirty air by a pregnant woman – asthma in a child!

A new Canadian study has found that children exposed to polluted air in the womb are 25% more likely to develop asthma during the first 5 years of life.

Particular attention should be paid to those who were born with low body weight – the more the air is polluted with exhaust gases, the stronger the susceptibility of infants to it grows. Do not forget that even in areas of the city with a low level of pollution, pregnant women are under the influence of harmful components of urban air. This can cause illness such as asthma in a child.

Commentary: Exhaust gases are only a part of life companions that have already become integral in a big city. Air filters installed in the premises can help. As for walking, try to avoid busy streets.

asthma and dog

The internet is filled with discussions like asthma and dogs. It is claimed that the risk of developing asthma in children in contact with dogs. This conclusion was once again made by Scandinavian scientists. The reason for the study of this issue were earlier studies that showed that children growing up on a farm, about 50% less asthma. The reason is more frequent contact with microorganisms that stimulate the immune system and direct it in the right direction. That is, not for the development of asthma and allergic reactions, but for the fight against infection.
This view is supported by previous data that if a child had regular contact with dogs during the first year of life, the risk of developing asthma in the future was reduced by 13%. As for farm animals, contact with them reduced the risk of developing asthma by 52% in school-age children, and by 31% in preschool children. This is associated with a large number of various microorganisms with which the child is forced to contact in such conditions. It is not clear, just how the scientists calculated the risk of developing asthma. The saying immediately comes to mind that scientists first test everything on dogs. I wonder why cats are ignored? Asthma and dog related, asthma and cat not?

Comment: No wonder the dog is called man’s best friend. New discoveries of scientists show that in addition to selfless friendship, which warms the soul, our brothers can less positively influence the health of their owners. By the way, ASTHMA BLOG has already written about asthma and dogs. This information appears to be confirmed by other sources as well. It is also worth adding that if you already suffer from asthma, pets should not be started.