An asthma attack is a sharp deterioration. The cause of the attack can be several: excessive exercise, various environmental factors, stress and contact with allergens. During an asthma attack, the airways become inflamed, narrowed, and mucus secretion increases. All this can cause breathing problems, wheezing, coughing, lack of air, and a feeling of heaviness in the chest. The manifestation of symptoms can provoke a feeling of fear, suspense, helplessness. Symptoms that may occur with an asthma attack:

  • heavy wheezing both during inhalation and exhalation
  • persistent cough
  • rapid breathing
  • feeling of tension and chest pain
  • muscle contractions of the neck and chest
  • difficulties with speech
  • anxiety or panic
  • pallor, sweating
  • blue lips

Mild asthma attacks occur with a high frequency and usually last from a few minutes to several hours. If a severe asthma attack occurs, immediate medical attention is sometimes necessary. Therefore, it is important to know which symptoms can be considered mild and which are not – such recognition at the right time will help you keep the situation under control. Ask your doctor for a written list of symptoms of exacerbation. Also ask him to write down for you the dose of medicine and the number of doses. If, despite the home treatment for the attack, the situation still worsens, you need to call an ambulance for the next hour. For recommendations, you can contact the round-the-clock information service of family doctors at a short phone number.

If you do not immediately take an anti-seizure medication during / during an asthma attack, your breathing will become difficult. If you use a PEF meter during an asthma attack to control your maximum expiratory flow rate, then most likely its indicator will be the lowest of all your best results. This will also help confirm the deterioration. If you do not receive treatment sufficient to relieve an asthma attack, then it may happen that your speech will be difficult or completely impossible. The reason for this is a decrease in the level of oxygen in the blood, which causes a change in the color of the skin and lips – they become blue. In such a situation, you should find help as soon as possible.