According to a new survey, 82 percent of adults support a ban on smoking in cars when children under 13 years of age are in it.

According to the latest data, the University of Michigan Mott Hospital supported the view that a ban on smoking should be introduced for drivers and passengers when children are in the car. However, laws that put the idea into practice exist only in seven states throughout the country.

Also in a survey this month, 87 percent of adults said they support a ban on smoking in businesses that are not allowed children. Seventy-five percent supported a ban on smoking in homes where children suffer from asthma or other lung disease.

“Smoking is a real health hazard for children whose lungs are still developing, and especially for children who have diseases such as asthma, when the lungs are particularly fragile and flare up when exposed to secondhand smoke,” says Matthew M. Davis, MD, MAPP, Director of CS Mott Children’s National Hospital in a survey.

Even among current smokers in the survey, more than half support the ban to protect children from secondhand smoke. For example, 60 percent of smokers said they strongly support or support the ban on smoking in cars with children under 13 years of age.