Coughing is the body’s way of cleansing the respiratory system of
dirt. If a chronic cough appears, then independent treatment will
not help here, it is necessary to find out the cause of its occurrence, and only after that
start the correct targeted treatment.

Chronic cough is a cough lasting more than
two months. Statistics show that about 30% of people on the planet can
suffer from this disease. First of all, a chronic cough accompanies
smokers. Very often
middle-aged women suffer from it , but the exact reasons for this are not yet clear. People taking
drugs to increase blood pressure also experience a similar problem.

Chronic cough can also develop due to a polluted
atmosphere, allergies, or upper respiratory tract diseases. It happens
that a chronic cough is a sign of lung cancer, but panic
is not worth it anyway. It is necessary to undergo a diagnosis, after which the
exact causes of its occurrence will become clear. Very often, a chronic cough
accompanies diseases such as chronic bronchitis, asthma, inflammation
, and wounds. Very rarely, a cough develops due to heart
failure, tuberculosis, lung cancer, decreased immunity, and sometimes a
person’s nervous state can cause it. About 10% of cases are not
can be diagnosed, and it becomes
impossible to determine the cause of cough in such patients , as a result of which they are forced to drink various expectorants

When diagnosing mainly use x-rays. It is very
effective in identifying pathological processes. Then spirometry is used , that is, the volume of the lungs and the percentage of their filling are determined. It is necessary to conduct a full examination of the cardiovascular system in order to exclude the causes of cough on its part. 

Chronic cough is a disease that can be treated with
great difficulty. Treatment is always aimed at eliminating the cause of its
occurrence, of course, if this cause is known. If the cause
of the disease cannot be established, then they use mainly
various centrally acting antitussive drugs,
expectorant drugs. Very often prescribed inhalers, which can be
used at home. Especially if a chronic cough has developed as a result of a
viral infection, or of any inflammatory process found in the

In any case, a chronic cough should not be left
unattended by a person, although this is probably not possible. Even if a cough
torments a person only at night, and he does not notice it himself, it is necessary
to inform him of this and advise him to be diagnosed by a specialist in order to
find out his cause.