V. N. Solopov: about the price of health, a kilogram of microbes and what therapists are unaware of …

When a specialist makes a discovery that refutes an established scientific pillar, he condemns himself, at best, to the malicious smirks of his colleagues, at worst, to falling into the category of pseudo-scientists. What people are guided by, knowing in advance that in such cases rarely anyone receives lifetime laurels, is a mystery. In any case, it is safe to say that such researchers are not that common. And meeting one of them is nothing but journalistic luck.

Viktor Nikolayevich Solopov is a man who has been dealing with the problem of asthma for more than a dozen years. Pulmonologist, candidate of medical sciences – he shoveled thousands of scientific papers, conducted hundreds of experiments in a scientific laboratory, having done, by his own admission, a physico-chemical analysis of more than one bucket of bronchial mucus (simply speaking, sputum of patients). Subsequently, he wrote several books on a mysterious illness – bronchial asthma, after which he made an unequivocal conclusion: the true cause of this disease is not an allergy that exists in the patient’s body, but a small Candida fungus – the same one that causes the disease, popularly called thrush; and which for some reason is considered unpleasant, but harmless.

Viktor Nikolayevich himself, despite the scale of his research, does not at all give the impression of a typical textbook scientist who has settled in the laboratory and fallen out of reality. A pleasant and easy-going person with a lively sense of humor and his own small weaknesses (“horror films are my hobby!”) In an interesting and rather peculiar manner, he spoke about a discovery that could undermine the fundamental foundations of modern medicine. In what cases Candida provokes asthma? How to avoid illness? And what is dangerous about this fungus – readers of the “Price of Health” newspaper have the opportunity to learn about all this firsthand.

“I have been dealing with asthma for over 20 years. And throughout this period, I see that no matter how much they try to cure asthma by acting on an allergy, even if a person has it, it does not lead to anything, and in half the cases it worsens the person’s well-being and leads to negative consequences. Over time, this issue was closed, and the international community of scientists proclaimed something like this: “That’s it! We don’t know what causes asthma. Yes, asthma often co-occurs with allergies, but at the same time, half of the cases of asthma occur without allergies, just as there are a lot of cases of allergies without asthma.” It is also not uncommon to have positive allergy tests without asthma, and without allergy symptoms. And what can be done here?.. It was then that we began to deal with this issue, and have been dealing with it closely for the last five years. And this is far from a theoretical question… We started with practical observations. The search algorithm was quite simple. Allergic reactions and asthma are known to be linked to the immune system. Immunity is what protects a person from infection. This means that some defect in the immune system leads to the fact that a person begins to react not only to an infection, but also to everything that people normally perceived for thousands of years. For thousands of years, people have been familiar with pollen, grass, oranges, cockroaches … Cockroaches are contemporaries of dinosaurs, but primitive people did not complain about allergies from cockroaches, although there were more of them (cockroaches) at other times. And now there seem to be fewer cockroaches, but more and more asthma and allergies. This is first.

Secondly, maybe there is some specific asthmatic allergen? But the enumeration of known allergens did not give anything: they have been known for hundreds of years, but no new ones have been discovered. Then there was an assumption that, since the main function of immunity is to protect the body from infection, it means that infection can be the cause of asthma. Moreover, even 20 years ago, scientists in the classification of this disease mentioned asthma of an infectious nature.

And what did we do? We just decided to look at which microorganism predominates in asthma patients, and how this microorganism can switch the immune system from normal to allergic.

How does a person communicate with the environment? He eats, breathes, wears clothes. The skin, respiratory tract, digestive tract are the three main surfaces through which a person comes into contact with the external environment. And the most intimate and important communication is the process of digestion. This was noted by the great scientist Ilya Ilyich Mechnikov. Neither the liver nor the kidneys are in contact with the external environment, only the mucous membranes and skin. And so that a person does not die, they must be protected. Therefore, they are covered with microorganisms. And Petrov, and Ivanov, and you, and your editor-in-chief, and all people have skin and mucous membranes covered with microbes. And these microbes are our friends. If they are destroyed at once, a person will not live more than two weeks. The Chernobyl accident showed many people: if a person receives a high dose of radiation (over six hundred roentgens), his entire microflora dies from radiation. And most importantly, that microflora, for which advertising on TV has been advocating lately, is dying: bifidus – and lactobacilli. But she can’t recover quickly. Remember how babies are fed: all nipples, bottles are boiled – disinfected – so that not staphylococci and streptococci, but bifidus and lactobacilli get inside and multiply, so that they fill the intestines there, perform their useful and necessary functions.

All of the beneficial gut bacteria provide vitamins, and more than 50% of our vitamins come from these bacteria. They stimulate the immune system, which protects a person from infections. In ancient times, a lot of people died from plague, cholera and other misfortunes, but after all, someone recovered. And those who had good immunity survived!

If the surface of the mucous membranes is occupied by the normal microbial flora, then there is no place left for the pathogenic one. And when pathogenic microorganisms enter the digestive tract, they do not produce vitamins for a person, but take them away from him. They do not strengthen, but suppress the immune system, impair digestion and cause inflammation of the digestive tract mucosa, which ends with enterocolitis. That is why a pretty girl is on the TV screen and complains about her stomach. And for five years we have long and carefully examined all patients with asthma who came to us for treatment, studying the composition of their microbial flora. As a result, it turned out that in asthmatics, the predominant microbial flora in the lungs and intestines are Candida fungi (the causative agent of thrush).

Then we began to compare these results with the literature data, and it turned out that 50 years ago, only 5-10% of the entire population were carriers of candida. However, they were not sick with an active form of candidiasis. After 20 years, there were already 20-30% of candida carriers, and today they are about 70% of the total number of people! Just as candida is on the rise , so too is the incidence of asthma. Absolutely in sync! This is the first proof.

Second. The statement that asthma is inherited was not clear. There were very interesting facts in the history of the heredity of asthma. For example, two twins are born. One has asthma from birth to death, and the second – from birth to death – is absolutely healthy. After all, these are twins – people with the same set of genes! What kind of genetic predisposition can then be discussed? .. Or how to explain this fact: in the family, the wife has asthma, suddenly, after 10 years, the husband falls ill. They are not blood relatives! So it can be transmitted in some other way. Involuntarily, we were helped by epidemiological scientists who conducted a study on the growth of candida . They wondered if thrush should be in the body of a healthy person. They examined absolutely healthy people who had neither rotten teeth, nor bad tonsils, nor chronic or acute diseases. And in this large group of healthy people, candida was detected in only 5% of cases, and only in the oral cavity. Hence the conclusion: this microbe should not be part of the normal human microflora.

The price of health

– Your newspaper has a very interesting title “The Price of Health” … Do you know what it is equal to, the price of health? From a biological point of view, the price of health is one kilogram of microbes living in the human intestine. And this kilogram of microorganisms is updated in the intestines every 24-48 hours …

If they die, then, as in the case of the victims in Chernobyl, a person will not live more than two weeks. In two weeks, a heavily irradiated person will be covered with bleeding ulcers and pus and will surely die. Because, the disappeared kilogram of microorganisms will not be able to recover quickly. Surprisingly, the whole paradox is this: a person can live without a brain, in a coma, for example, to exist as a biological object, if the internal environment is maintained in it, and a kilogram of microorganisms lives in it. But if he has a soul, consciousness and heart, but there are no microbes in the intestines, he dies! That is, as a biological object, a person lives in symbiosis with microbes, he cohabits with them. This, of course, is very sad, if we recall the words of Hamlet “Man is like God …”, but, unfortunately, the price of his life is precisely that.

Epidemiological picture

– Today, the level of candidacy is catastrophically high! 200 years ago, did people know about bifido – and lactobacilli. They just lived quietly, and no one knew about allergies and did not suffer from it. And why? And because then there was no candida! A person was born, passing through the birth canal inhabited by lactic acid bacteria, and in today’s women they are covered with candida. Today, 90 percent of newborns, passing through the birth canal, become infected with thrush fungi. How is their fate? Those who have a strong immune system defeat germs, and those who have a weak one are at risk of becoming allergic and asthmatic. After all, the respiratory tract intersects with the digestive tract. Should a person choke, and candida can enter the respiratory tract. And today we see children in whom asthma symptoms are observed after the first months of life, and a one-year-old asthmatic is no longer a rarity …

Origin mechanism

– The most interesting thing is, how does it all happen? After all, there are many microbes. Why Candida? A person is predominantly infected with one type of fungus. Have you ever seen a person covered in mold (other than horror movies)? We see moldy cheese, moldy bread, fruit. And people are predominantly inhabited by candida. The main feature of these fungi is that they do not just live and multiply on the skin or in the cavity of an organ, but have the ability to grow together with body tissues. They grow into the body, just like, for example, mold in bread. Have you ever seen fungal nails? They are thick and uneven. This is because the fungus has already grown into the tissue of the nail. And immunity has one more function – in no case to allow something alien to grow into the body, into the tissues. If this were possible, then there would be chimeras. Then there must be tissue incompatibility, even among individuals of the same species. And imagine if there was no immunity: a man wanted to sew a horse’s head on himself – he sewed it on and galloped …

The second function of immunity is to reject everything alien. When candida grows into the mucous membranes and skin, the body tries to kill it. But the problem is that the mechanisms of immunity are so powerful that they can damage not only foreign organisms, but also the cells of their own organs. And candida, like a weed, it spreads over the entire surface, and if the body makes a massive attempt to destroy these cells, then it will kill its own cells. But since the body still has to fight the fungi, the immune system goes into the “sparing” protection mode and begins to produce antibodies that it tries to bind the fungi with. And as a result, an allergy develops, since these antibodies begin to be produced on everything that surrounds us, and not just on Candida. This is how allergies develop. Well, the most powerful allergic reactions develop on fungi and mold. That is, in a certain sense, fungi cause the development of allergies, both to themselves and to everything else. And this happens as a result of switching the immune response from the normal – anti- infective – path to the abnormal – allergic.

Another very interesting fact. For example, a person has an allergy to dandelion pollen, and he no longer suffers from anything, and then suddenly an allergy to house dust has joined … Then – an allergy to animals … That is, as soon as the allergic process in the body starts, the spectrum of allergens slowly begins to expand in a person to which it responds. And there is even such a medical phenomenon – an allergy to everything – a person cannot tolerate anything: neither most foodstuffs, nor medicines, and in general he does not know how to live (but this, fortunately, is very rare). And what does it say? This suggests that at the basis of the formation of allergies there is some kind of driving mechanism, a driving force. And this force is the very factor that transfers immunity to an unusual mode of operation. What this factor is can be easily traced, it is very common. A healthy young man met a not very healthy girl ( candida carrier ), kissed her, contracted candida from her, which spread throughout his body. Then, for example, he suffered the flu with complications, was treated with antibiotics that killed all the beneficial microflora, and suddenly began to … cough. He underwent special tests and revealed an allergy. And then it turns out that the girl he met with is generally allergic since childhood.

Proof of

In fact, everything is not so simple … After all, the worst thing for any writing and thinking person is to write some kind of nonsense. In order to write my book on the cause of asthma and allergies, I spent five years thinking about and sorting out the facts, looking for evidence in the literature. And it turned out that there is a lot of such evidence! It’s just that no one either dared to say it directly, or still doubts. It has long been described and there is such a thing as “syndrome associated with Candida” or ” Candida related complex “. Conditions such as poor performance, lethargy, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome are direct consequences of candida exposure to a person. Toxins – products of “waste activity” that candida produces, enter the bloodstream and poison the human body.

There is such an anecdote. In an exam in scientific communism, a professor asks a student:

– Tell me, colleague, what do you think, who invented scientific communism, communists or scientists?

The student thinks for a long time, then answers:

– I think that the communists, because if they were scientists, they would first have checked on dogs …

It turned out that everything has already been tested on animals. If experimental animals are infected with candida, then their immunity can switch to an allergic type! And summing up everything that was said, we made the following conclusions. First, the frequency of candidacy is growing . And secondly, absolutely synchronously with this, the incidence of asthma and allergies is growing over the years. Thirdly, candida is the only microbe today that allows people to normally carry it without any painful manifestations. That is, it is not necessary that a person, having received this microbe, will immediately develop asthma or allergies. Not! A certain “critical mass” of these fungi should accumulate, which, gradually capturing its territory, as in the movie “Aliens” (an amazing film!), creates an immunological malfunction in the body. And candida really are like “Aliens” – very hardy! They can be dried, watered after two years, and they will come to life! You can freeze them several times, they will come to life. They live everywhere – on furniture, on the floor, on semi-finished products and dirty hands – anywhere! And they are transmitted in all possible ways – through dirty hands, kisses, household contacts, through dishes, food, and even through airborne droplets.

Candida accomplices

One of the main factors provoking the spread of candida in the body is malnutrition. Do you know where the highest incidence of asthma is? In English-speaking countries – where all environmental problems have long been solved, but people are abusing fast food ! What is fast food? That’s a lot of bread and little meat. Once I came to friends in England, they took me to a buffet – to have a bite … And there they give me a sandwich with a huge bun and a tiny, thin piece of meat … And I ask: “Can’t it be the other way around? ..” This is a widespread phenomenon: character people’s diet began to consist of a huge amount of carbohydrates. And in this environment, fungi multiply perfectly. From carbohydrates, they simply, as today’s youth likes to say, “go crazy”! In addition, in English-speaking countries, people abuse beer – a product of yeast fermentation. And this is also a great environment for candida. In Russia, in comparison with them, the incidence of asthma is still not very high, but we are beginning to switch to a Western way of life. This is terrible! Even 20 years ago, we did not see such a number of dysbacteriosis and candidiasis !

Public reaction

As soon as I published my book Asthma. The true cause of the disease, “and we held a presentation, stories poured into our forum, the content of which, if we omit all obscene words addressed to doctors, was something like this:” I was pregnant, I was treated with antibiotics, the child was born and fell ill with pneumonia, he was also injected antibiotics, then my thrush got worse, and now I have asthma.” That is, there is a lot of evidence for the correctness of our theory. On the way to truth, as the dialectic says, we have gone all the way – “from living contemplation to abstract reflection and from it to practice.” Now the people themselves confirm our conclusions, and what an unenlightened therapist will say is of no interest to me at all! Doctors today in their general mass, figuratively speaking, “didn’t understand” what was new ten years ago, and what is new now is generally not known when it will be adequately perceived. In 1998, the Ministry of Health issued standards for the treatment of asthma, they have already changed, but they have not reached the people in polyclinics.

However, I would have been a poor scientist if I had not been interested in the opinions of my colleagues. And I am happy that positive reviews of well-known experts appear in the press on this occasion. For example, on November 8 of this year, the Honored Scientist, Professor G.V. Trubnikov said: “The concept of the role of Candida fungi asserted by the author … is the most realistic in explaining allergic reactions and asthma.”

What therapists are unaware of

Moreover, ALL systemic (autoimmune) diseases are also provoked by Candida! Mechnikov also wrote: “In human pathology, the main place is occupied by intestinal endotoxins produced by pathogenic microbes.” All systemic diseases proceed according to similar immunopathological mechanisms. They just have different points of application. In some people it is the joints (rheumatoid arthritis), in others it is the skin (scleroderma), in others it is something else. Today, human health is determined not so much by the external environment as by the internal – their microbes. Unfortunately, many therapists are unaware of this (well, God bless them, they are unaware of a lot of things …).

According to conservative estimates, 2 million people die of asthma each year. We came up with a treatment technology 20 years ago that, if not always curing a person from asthma, then at least prevents him from becoming severely disabled or dying. If it were introduced, then 40 million people would not have died from asthma. But that’s another story…