Question: Please tell us in detail about the method of treatment of Dr. V.N. Solopova. Thank you. Can asthma be cured with this method?

Answer: In 2006, Dr. V.N. Solopov in his book “Asthma. The true cause of the disease” brought new scientific evidence that asthma is the result of an inflammatory process caused by thrush fungi as a result of switching immunity to an allergic path. But thrush fungi only “trigger” asthma or allergies, and then inflammation begins to progress, which leads to swelling – “congestion” of the bronchi, accumulation of sputum in the smallest bronchi – 1 mm in diameter or less and constant spasms. Therefore, even if the body is cleansed of fungi, this will not lead to recovery, because serious changes occur in the bronchi. It depends on the individual characteristics of a person, and on the processes occurring in his body. But nevertheless, all manifestations of asthma – cough, shortness of breath, shortness of breath and suffocation are associated with impaired bronchial patency: spasm, inflammation, swelling of the bronchial mucosa and blockage of their sputum. Particularly insidious is the blockage of the bronchi with sputum. Accumulating in the form of mucous plugs in the smallest bronchi, it gradually clogs them, disrupting the process of breathing and the penetration of drugs into the respiratory tract. Hence – the ineffectiveness of all anti-asthma drugs and the loss of control over the disease.
So in 30-40 years, an asthmatic may become severely disabled or even die! But Dr. V.N. Solopov developed a special method of cleansing the bronchi with the help of inhalations. His method of treatment is based on complex inhalation therapy with the gradual introduction of aerosols into the respiratory tract. For this, high-performance ultrasonic inhalers are used, which allow to inject 5-10 times more aerosol than primitive nebulizers into the most inaccessible places of the bronchial tree. First, the bronchial tree is cleared of accumulated sputum, and then aerosols of anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic drugs are administered with the help of inhalations. And only after the complete restoration of normal lung function and the disappearance of all symptoms of asthma, the cause that triggered the disease is identified and eliminated. As a result, the former asthmatic becomes practically healthy. Each patient is provided with an individual apparatus and with its help “cleanses” the airways from excess mucus and cells of the bronchial mucosa damaged by inflammation, just as healthy people brush their teeth daily. This allows the patient to feel absolutely normal after 3 months of regular treatment and “forget” about his asthma or bronchitis. Depending on the severity of the problems and the specific possibilities, each patient is treated individually. To do this, carefully examine the condition of the patient’s bronchial tree. The state of patency of the bronchial tree is assessed using computer spirometry and special pharmacological testing, according to the method developed by Dr. V.N. Solopov, which allows assessing the degree of spasm, inflammatory edema of the bronchial mucosa and obstruction with sputum.
Treatment is carried out at home with the possibility of receiving constant consultations and monitoring through the Asthma-phone system. For more information, please visit the Asthma Service website.