Salbutamol , one of the most sought-after drugs in this group, suddenly disappeared from pharmacies. Salbutamol is produced in Russia by two companies, Altaivitamins in Biysk and Semashko Moskhimfarmpreparat in Moscow. On the website of the latter, explanations of the management about the disappearance of salbutamol from the sale were posted. It turns out that salbutamol contains chlorofluorocarbons that are dangerous for the ozone layer. According to the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer, Russia must stop the production of this drug.
This was announced at a conference on the regulation of the circulation of ozone- depleting substances, held in Moscow the previous week, hosted by the UN organization. In its official clarification, Moskhimfarmpreparat named after Semashko asks consumers to endure this situation. By the new year, the company will launch a new drug called ” Salbutamol -sulfate”. In which other components will be used instead of substances harmful to the ozone layer. It may be better to produce salbutamol as a powdered aerosol. But that’s just what turbohalers to use for this. They don’t have their own in Russia!

Treating Asthma in a Crisis

The magazine Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology published a study conducted at the Mayo Clinic. It argues that in most cases, the “stability” of asthma can be maintained by reducing the dose of daily medication consumed. True, it is also noted there that in some cases the condition of patients worsens. But they make up a small percentage. Scientists have even calculated even monthly savings from such tactics – $ 34 per month. True, for some reason they did not think about the long-term consequences of this economy.

Commentary: What can I say, even in America the crisis rules asthma treatment! And what about in Russia, when the prices of medicines are growing daily, and salaries remain the same. Many imported medicines disappear from sale due to lack of demand: after all, their prices are set based on the dollar exchange rate. Well, the so-called import substitution program will never ensure the normal quality of medicines. So, as they say, it is better to be rich and healthy than poor and sick.