Fasting is good for asthma!

We waited! Finally, American scientists agreed with many years of observations that fasting in asthma reduces the number of attacks and improves the condition. After all, what kind of conservatives do you need to be in order to ignore the experience and publications of such world-famous supporters and practitioners of fasting Sheldon and Bragg for many years, whose books have sold millions of copies around the world. Yes, and the thousand-year practice of yoga has long confirmed. But dumb-headed medicine denied this for many centuries, until suddenly “advanced” Americans graciously agreed with this. Anyway. Here is a useful tip for our visitors: organize yourself a daily fast once a week. It does not require any preparation and contraindications to it are only hormonal preparations in the form of tablets and severe diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Thus, you will have at least 40 hungry days a year. You will lose weight, reduce the amount of drugs. In addition, you will see in practice that fasting is a great help in the fight against asthma!


salmeterol dangerous for children?

Clinical magazine Science has published evidence that a common asthma drug, Salmeterol , worsens some children with asthma and can lead to severe problems. Scientists attribute this to the genetic characteristics of the organism. Of the one million children in the UK with asthma, over 150,000 have similar genetic changes that lead to adverse reactions to salmeterol .

Comment: in Russia, such studies are not carried out in principle, but this does not mean that the problem does not exist. In general, the potential harm of prolonged aerosols for the treatment of asthma lies in the fact that they most often provoke cases of sudden death from asthma.